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Dear parents,

As a parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy, I would like to share a few thoughts with you before we start to get to know each other better:

1. To our great disappointment, there is no such thing as a magic wand in the form of a device, bioenergy or method for the treatment of the kind of disorder that we are facing.

2. I urge you to be very cautious towards anyone promising that they would put your child back on his feet and regulate his muscle tone in one, two or six months. Don’t give up on that person at once, but set a deadline determining how long you are prepared to wait! Then watch carefully, watch the children coming to the same treatments.
Be truthful to yourself!
Try to be realistic and believe in what you are able to see, and not in what you would like to see. Ask yourself, “Is this kid's condition better than five or six months ago?”
Don’t believe everything that parents tell you about the progress their children, or some other children, have made. We tell people stories that we would like them to hear and that have little to do with reality. Then we begin to believe what we tell each other, we begin to believe in our lies!

3. Time is a crucial factor when facing this problem and it is far too precious to be wasted on unrealistic promises!

4. I often tell the parents that we are running a marathon! Don’t focus on the speed at which you would run the 42.195 kilometres, but distribute your strength, energy, love and money evenly over a longer period of time, so that you can finish the race successfully. We are not  Usain Bolt to run the 100 metres, do our best and reach the finish line in a few seconds ... we are marathon runners! There is such a long, long run ahead of us...

5. ‘I am a parent of a CP child.’ Once you have managed to say it out loud without any sadness in your heart or your voice and with no tears in your eyes, your strength, energy and motivation will increase immensely! When you stop blaming yourself or some other person for what happened to you and your family, your determination to fight for your little one will be unstoppable!
My husband and I have travelled across Europe, and I even visited the USA in an attempt to find the most successful treatment for our son Vuk. That is why I am certain that I am offering you the most modern methods used in the world today all in one place, stepping back from the outdated Bobath and Vojta’s therapies.
This is what Jožica, a licensed Bobath and TheraSuit therapist from Maribor, told me while we were visiting her TheraSuit centre,’ After the age of two or three, Bobath won’t do the child any good! After working with small children for several years, I started to look for something more efficient, something better. I realized that most CP children treated with the Bobath method didn’t show any progress, they stagnated and regressed as time passed...’  Afterwards, she studied the TheraSuit method by Izabela Koscielny. She visited their centre in the United States and finally started to notice that even older children with serious brain damage were making progress.
TheraSuit method is the best tool for putting the little ones back on their feet.  I am eternally grateful to Izabela and Richard Koscielny, who are the parents of a child suffering from quadriplegic cerebral palsy as well as therapists, as they have given me enormous energy, strength, faith and knowledge.

I have witnessed the efficiency of this method on my own child. Izabela examined him after I had applied intensive four-week treatments every two months for a year. What I had accomplished in just a year exceeded her expectations, as she had thought it would take twice as long to achieve such results. ‘Keep up the good work and I will visit your centre personally when Vuk starts walking,’ she promised.

I am well aware of everything we have achieved in the last year and that’s exactly why this centre has been set up - to prevent you, the parents, from wandering in desperate search of help that is now at your fingertips.

I would like to offer you a wide range of serious tools which will enable us to fight for our children together.

Welcome and thank you for trusting me!

I will try to justify that trust with all my heart. I was taught in the United States never to give any promises, but I can promise you one thing:
We are going to practise with your child in exactly the same way as we practise with my own son!

Dedicated to all the parents who are ready to fight for their children,

Yours respectfully,
Dr Aleksandra Ivančić
Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation